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Post-baby Body Blues? How Plastic Surgery Can Restore Your Body Confidence

Pregnancy and birth are a wonderful and miraculous time in a woman’s life. They can also be very tough on her body, and many women find that their post-baby body is very different to the one they had before. Diet and exercise help many women to regain their form, but many women find that certain parts of their body are permanently changed due to the stretching of their abdomen, breastfeeding, and hormonal changes. Fortunately, modern plastic surgery is an effective way to target these problem areas and help a woman to feel more confident about her body image.

Breast surgery

Breasts are probably the body parts that suffer the most after having babies. Many women find that their breasts are smaller and far less firm because of the hormones which fuel milk production and the increase and decrease in breast size during and after pregnancy. Breasts may also be disproportionate in their respective size and shape. The solution to this is breast enlargement or breast augmentation.

Most women will choose to go for a natural looking implant which recreates the size and shape of their original breast instead of large, fake-looking implants that would better suit a glamour model. Depending on the size difference between the two breasts, a surgeon may use two different sized implants to ensure that the breasts are in proportion with each other, which is known as breast augmentation. 

Tummy tucks

Whether a woman ends up with stretch marks after pregnancy is largely a genetic lottery. Some women’s abdomens will return naturally to their pre-pregnancy appearance, but others are left with a large network of stretch marks, severely weakened muscles, or an excess skin flap that can’t be improved with exercise. The abdominal damage is usually more severe after numerous pregnancies or pregnancies of multiples such as twins or triplets.

A tummy tuck involves the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from a woman’s abdomen. Surgeons can also reconstruct the abdominal muscles if the woman has suffered from major abdominal separation or stretching whilst pregnant. If the surgery requires that the skin surrounding the belly-button to be removed, then surgeons can craft a new one so that the end result is natural looking as well as being firm and flat.

As with any surgery, there is the minor risk of complications following any plastic surgery procedure. These risks can be minimised significantly by following all post-surgery instructions and having regular checkups with the surgeon in the weeks following surgery. Slight scarring is likely, but modern surgical practice works to minimise this and the scars will also fade considerably over time.

Most women who undertake these procedures find the small scars are mitigated by the improved appearance of their bodies and the renewed self-confidence they feel with the final result. Learn more about your options by contacting resources like Dr Dilip Gahankari.

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