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3 Things Every Health Care Administrator Should Know about Bulk Billing

If you have recently become a health care office administrator for a doctor or a centre, then you will likely be responsible for some or all of the bulk billing that your office handles. This means you need to not only know your way around the billing process.

With that in mind, there are a few things that every health care administrator or team lead should know about medical centre bulk billing, the process, and how it works for the patient:

How are Claims Sent In?

You generally have two ways you can send in bulk billing information for a client. One way is to file them electronically. If you do this you will need to ensure how your office handles the process. This could be handled on a person by person basis or it could be something you do daily or weekly.

Make sure that you know which method the office you are now with uses and inform the clients using bulk billing about this process. This ensures that they will know when to expect any paperwork related to the bulk billing from the medical centre to start being processed. You can also send the files manually which will require you to fill out a DB1 form.

Can Both In Patient and Out Patient Go on the Same Bill?

One of the key points to remember, especially if you have never worked as an administrator in a bulk billing office before, is what can be put on the same bill. One of the most common things to be put on the same billing statement, in error, are in patient and out patient procedures. You have to keep in mind that these must be billed separately and the procedures must be coded properly to ensure that you are using the code for the in patient or out patient stay.

This is because there may be a procedure that for most people is out patient, but due to health issues another patient may need an in patient stay option. For example, a blood pressure issue with an expectant mother may normally be out patient, but certain complications like the blood pressure not reducing could lead to an in patient stay instead.

Can Bulk Billing Cover Outstanding Office Debts by the Patient?

You may have some collection issues that result in the patient owing money for previous services. In these cases you may be tempted to bill these services as part of the medical centre bulk billing. This is not allowed by Australian Medicare. If you do have an issue with an outstanding patient date, you will need to have that debt settled by a third party between your office and the patient.

These are just three of the things that every health care administrator should know about bulk billing. If you need to know more about bulk billing for your medical centre or office, contact a company like Lakeside Medical Practice Warilla to learn more.

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