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Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Five Tips for Staying Fashionable While Wearing Hearing Aids

Many people who struggle to hear are afraid to wear hearing aids because of the style stigma. Luckily, however, a new generation of hearing aids promises to change that. If you want to look great while hearing well, keep these fashion tips and ideas in mind when choosing your next hearing aids:

1. Keep it small.

Hearing aids don’t have to be large, over-sized and noticeable. Instead, they can be small and discreet. When looking at options, talk with a professional provider like hearservice about fitting the smallest hearing aid possible. That allows you to stay fashionable, and if the small hearing aids are too noticeable for you, you can easily comb your hair over them.

2. Play with patterns.

If small models of hearing aids don’t work for your particular hearing issue, consider playing with patterns. There are now hearing aid companies that offer fun prints such as leopard or other animal patterns. Instead of having a boring beige piece of medical equipment hanging around your ear, you get a decorative complement to your outfit.

3. Be versatile.

If you can’t pick a pattern for your hearing aid, don’t worry. You can use stick ons to make your hearing aids more versatile. Stick ons come in a range of patterns and styles. You can choose from sophisticated adult designs to fun concepts for kids, and you can change them everyday to match your outfit.

4. Embrace your inner child.

Whether you are a child or a child-at-heart, there may be patterns to suit your fashion preferences as well. For example, you can get hearing aids that take the shape of your favourite cartoon characters. It’s a great way to add whimsy and colour to your ear canal.

5. Explore edgy options.

If cartoon characters don’t appeal to you, travel to the other end of the fashion spectrum and look at hearing aids made of ear gauges. In order to wear these hearing aids, you will need to have already stretched your ear lobes. Then, the mechanisms for the hearing aid sit inside the metal rings that line the perimeter of your gauged ear lobes.

If you don’t already have gauged ears, explore one of the other hearing aid options while you stretch your earlobes using regular gauges. Plan to devote a few months or weeks to this pursuit, and remember that if your ear skin is stretched beyond a certain point, your earlobes may not return to their original shape. Then, when the skin is stretched, consider wearing ear gauge hearing aids.


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