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What Are The Benefits Of Pilates Reformer Exercise?

Pilates refers to a discipline in which various exercise techniques are used to achieve greater harmony of mind and body. The Pilates reformer is the most commonly used machine by those who practice comprehensive Pilates. A typical reformer consists of a sliding carriage and several pulley systems. The pulley systems allow users the convenience of adjusting resistance levels during the work out session. Discussed below are a few of the benefits associated with Pilates reformer exercise. 

Pilates Reformer Exercise Is Good For Muscular Endurance It takes a considerable amount of force for muscles to overcome resistance provided by the Pilates reformer during a work-out session. Undertaking Pilates reformer exercise over an extended duration ultimately results in increased muscle size and strength, muscle fiber resistance and increased strength of connective muscle tissue. By improving muscle endurance, Pilates reformer exercise allows the individual to undertake daily tasks for extended periods without feeling fatigued. In addition to this, using the reformer enhances muscle tone by strengthening and lengthening muscles without making them look bulky.

Reformer Exercise Increases Core Strength Pilates reformer exercise focuses on proper positioning of the individual’s abdomen, core, and lower back muscles. The work outs help to condition the individual’s core muscles such that they contract even with the slightest movement. This contraction is important for the alignment and stabilization of the spinal cord. Individuals with increased core strength have a greater ability to generate muscle power and are less prone to the risk of injury.

Pilates Improves Posture As indicated above, Pilates reformer exercise improves the alignment of the spinal cord. As a result, the individual’s muscles are strengthened, and their spinal stability and support is greatly improved. Improved spinal stability results in improved posture, which lengthens the individual’s joints, making him or her appear taller. Pilates reformer exercise also helps to correct muscular imbalances during the work out. This helps to keep lower back injuries at bay. Using the reformer creates awareness of proper posture when working out. Over time, this awareness is carried over to the individual’s daily movements.

Pilates Helps To Reduce Body Fat Pilates reformer exercises are rather intensive. As such, work out sessions greatly increases the individual’s metabolic activity and the rate at which the body burns calories. Work outs also increase an individual’s muscle mass, which burns even more calories. When the rate of calorie loss is greater than that of calorie intake, the body burns excess fat to produce the energy required for intense physical activity.

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