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Living aids to help you at old age

As the body ages, some of the tasks you have been finding easy become a challenge to perform. Complications that may have developed over the years start to manifest their effects on the body. They can lead to a diminished agility of the body joints, making it hard for you to move a muscle or two when undertaking routine activities. Thankfully, there are aids for daily living that can make life easier for you at that advanced age, and they do not necessarily involve doses of medicine. Here are a few activities you may find difficult to perform and the living aids that can assist you:

Getting into and out of your car

You involve many body parts when entering or leaving your car, and it may be a challenge if your joints have some problems moving swiftly. If you are using too much effort and taking too much time, there is no need to worry anymore. You can buy a portable handy bar to support the weight of the body using your arm. Moreover, there is a swivel disc to help you with turning to the side so that you can leave the car or face the steering wheel when you want to take off.

For those who have leg problems, you can also get an independent leg lifter in case you have limited strength in your legs. With these accessories, entering and exiting your car will be less hectic.  

Putting on your shoes

If you are at a stage where bending over to tie your shoe is a problem, elastic laces will come in handy instead of the regular laces you have been using. Make a double knot of the elastic laces so that they can stay in place. By doing this, you do not have to tie them every time you put on the shoes. Moreover, you can also have a shoehorn to help you get the foot into the shoe with ease.

Reaching for items on the ground and picking them up

Hardship when bending over is a common problem at old age. This can be the result of a back injury you have had in the past or the after effects of a major surgery you had earlier. A reacher can help you address hardship when bending, as you can reach for items on the ground and pick them up without having to bend your knees and work your back. You can also reach items placed in shelves. The reacher has a handle and a piston for you to hold and a grabber that clutches the item you are picking once the piston is pressed.